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Google Ads is a digital marketing strategy in which search engine advertising is used to generate visitors or clicks to your website. Google Ads is mainly used by businesses that want instant results. Google Ads results have a higher conversion rate than other digital marketing strategies.

Why Choose Google Ads ?

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. Millions of people search and click Google ads every day. This means it can send a business a huge amount of traffic. Google Ads is one of the most powerful methods of paid online advertising available. Using Google Ads, businesses can get a high return on investment than other marketing strategies.

How We Do Google Ads ?

  1. Keywords Analysis
  2. We at VB Digitech create an effective keyword list for your business so that your ad appears when customers use those keywords to search on Google.

  3. Audience
  4. We target the right audience to make sure that your ads are seen by the right people, which will increase your sales or leads.

  5. Re-targeting
  6. We make sure that people revisit your website by using remarketing lists for search ads.

  7. Campaign Analysis
  8. We will analyze data to find what performs well. We will then change bidding, keywords, and ad text, to drive as many leads or sales.

  9. ROI Analysis
  10. We make sure that our strategies are working best and targeting specific keywords to drive as many leads or sales so that your business gets high ROI.

Why Choose Us ?

VB Digitech is a Website Development and Digital Marketing Company based in Pune, India, and is specialized in providing Google Ad services from the past 5 years.

We provide our clients with 100% guaranteed results. We have an expert team of Google Ads who manage your online presence and ensure to get the relevant online traffic for your business, which will increase your sales or leads.


One of our motto at VB Digitech is to make our clients 100% satisfied, and we work hard and efficiently to deliver an unmatched quality until our client gets satisfied.


Our team works hard and efficiently to accomplish your projects on time.


We work 6 days a week, excluding important holidays. Contact us if you have any emergency, with our hotline or contact form.

If you want to build a responsive single-page website that represents your business, you should consider VB Digitech. We also provide digital marketing services which will help you to reach a much bigger audience, improve awareness, and generate more engagement, traffic, and leads

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